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Q - Why should I choose Mildenhall & District house Clearance for my house clearance?


A - We are trusted local people, working in partnership with charities, estate agents and solicitors. Our association with these ensures our reputation of working to the highest standards.


Q - How can I ensure that charities will benefit from a clearance?


A - We provide proof of our registration with charity and can provide copies of correspondence from them, thanking us for our donated goods and informing us of their value once the items have been sold.


Q - How soon can you carry out the clearance?


A - In some cases we can start the next day or very soon depending on our current work load or schedule.


Q - Will you buy items of value and / or offset this against the cost of the clearance?


A - Yes, this can be discussed at the viewing.


Q - Will you clear everything?


A - Yes, our commitment to recycling and charities means the more that is left behind for us, the more we can help others. However, there are some items we cannot deal with, such as, asbestos, paint, chemicals and poisons due to current environmental laws and guidelines. We can advice on these items separately.


Q - What will you recycle?


A - We aim to recycle as much as possible and have a set target of 99% of all goods cleared, always in a responsible legal manner.


Q - Can you clear the property at weekends?


A - Yes, we can work any days within the week at times to best suit you.


Q - Will I need to be present whilst the clearance happens?


A - No, we can collect keys from your representative such as your estate agent or a neighbour. We understand some clients often live many miles away.


Q - What about confidentiality?


A - We work in a professional responsible manner and take confidentiality very seriously. We will never discuss or disclose any details to anybody, apart from the client. Any sensitive or personal documentation cleared is shredded or returned to the client for security purposes.


Frequently asked questions about our house clearance services in and around Suffolk

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